All commissions are available to purchase through my Store front on ko-fi!A Complexity Charge may be added to characters with things like wings, mech, extra limbs, etc.
Please be aware of this before commissioning me.
All commission prices are in GBP £
Extra characters will be charged at 50% of the total price per added character.
Please make sure to read my Terms of Service before commissioning me.I am always open to offering a quote for work that does not fit any of these descriptions, such as Stream Overlays, covers, banners, Character design, etc.

Icon - £30

An icon of your character, featuring their head/face and a themed background.

Bust - £45

A bust commission of your character, fully shaded, with a themed pattern background.

Full body - £65

A full body commission of your character, with full shading and no background.

Full Illustration - £150

A fully rendered illustration, featuring a fully painted character and background.

Reference Sheet - £250

A full reference sheet with front and back (anthro/humanoid) or either side (quad), with a couple of detail shots.
Base price is for a reference sheet with existing images to work off of, there is extra for having no existing images where I need to also design it from a description.

These terms are applicable to private one-on-one commissions of personal characters. Please inquire for contract work or commercial work.Availability:
Availability is listed on my profile.
I also post commission openings publically on my twitter and as journal updates on my galleries (see the Links page).
Please send me an enquiry by email to
Alternatively, you can send me a direct message on my Social Media profiles
My queue is located here on Trello!
This list is updated constantly and contains all work currently in my queue.
Terms Of ServiceBy commissioning me you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.- Reposting and reproduction -
♦ None of my work may be reposted or reproduced in any way, on any platform.
♦ This includes being published on blockchains or any platform utilising cryptocurrency in any way.
- General -
♦ Commissions are always treated as a priority, however I do often work at a slow pace. If a commission is required by a certain deadline this must be discussed at the time of ordering.
♦ I will send Work In Progress (WIP) images to the commissioner at all stages of the work for approval.
♦ Commissioners must be 18+. In the case of commissioners 17 or under you must be able to provide written permission from a parent or guardian.
♦ For the best result, I require a clear, un-shaded reference image of any character(s).
♦ I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission for any reason. A full refund will be provided in the case of a cancelled commission.
♦ Changes to a commission are free for the first 3 changes and any changes after will incur a surcharge of 10% of the total commission price per change. The exception to this is in the case of artist error should I fail to include something that is clearly on the character(s) reference image.
- Payment and refunds -
♦ Payment is required upfront.
♦ Payment is through invoice sent to your email.
♦ Prices are in British Pounds (GBP).
♦ Work will not be started until payment is received.
♦ Payments are fully refundable up to the point work has begun, once work has begun refunds will only be given for work not completed.
- Communication and etiquette -
♦ A failure to respond to a note or email within 10 working days, without a prior warning, will result in a commission being cancelled and the slot forfeit. Should this occur a refund will be sent for work not completed.
♦ I am happy to provide reasonable updates on your work and my queue in general but excessive demands can result in a commission being cancelled.
♦ Rude or abusive messages will not be tolerated and any such behaviour will result in a commission being cancelled and a block being placed.
♦ In the case of a cancellation by myself you will be sent a full refund and any work completed prior will remain my own property to edit and reuse at my discretion.
- Rights and permissions -
♦ I retain all intellectual property rights to my artwork.
♦ A commission may not be resold or used for advertising or merchandising.
♦ A commission may not be used for any kind of profit.
♦ A commission may be used for limited personal use. Ex; A computer or phone background, avatar, personal poster, etc. If you are unsure please contact me.
♦ You may not edit a commission.
♦ A commission may be reposted in your personal galleries or character index (Ex; as long as credit is posted with it.
♦ Rejected sketches or WIP pieces may not be used for any reason.
- Subject matter -
♦ I will not draw anything containing;
- Hate art.
- Pedophilia/"Cub".
- Rape/Non-Con.
This list is non-exhaustive.
♦ Adult material is accepted on a case-by-case basis.
♦ Commissions containing trademarked characters or property is accepted on a case-by-case basis.
- Shipping -
♦ Digital artwork is not printed and shipped.
♦ Traditional artwork is not shipped as standard. If you would like your original shipped to you, you must inform me upon ordering. Shipping incurs an extra charge.
♦ Shipping cost is calculated on a case-by-case basis.
♦ Shipping is done through Royal Mail Recorded. Tracking is not included as standard but can be requested.